12 September 2014

29/8 part II

Bonus seal picture! That's his little head sticking up.
Also, walking through that enclosed cow pasture I couldn't stop imagining that maybe they could smell my fear, i was actually terrified and I'm never afraid of animals. It's fine when there is something between them and me but walking right next to a big animal with horns you just don't know what they're thinking...

11 September 2014

Tal R, The Virgin

 A really nice, and a bit odd, little documentary about Tal R the Danish artist. 
There is something quite childlike about him, I think I almost like him more than his art (though his art is lovely too).

5 September 2014

29/8 part I

I went on a hike, out to the tip of the cliffs in that first picture. I got up at 6 am, took the train and then a bus, it was rainy and I was alone in the forest pretty much all day. At first it was surprisingly scary because it was so quiet, (I was probably more scared than I'd like to admit, and annoyed at myself) but that horror-movie man I imagined never showed up so instead I saw a squirrel, a snail and a seal. And cows. Pretty good day.